Do this immediately after arriving in USA

If you are moving to the USA for the first time for work or study, you should do this immediately after arriving in the USA. I have divided the tasks into two categories: Things to do before having SSN and Things to do after getting your SSN.

  1. Get health insurance; it is crucial and mandatory. If you are a student, use this link for a cost-effective plan for ISO International Students Health Insurance.
  2. First things first, you will need a mobile number. Buy a new smartphone and get a phone number. It will be cheaper if you join a family plan. However, you can't open a new family account without SSN, so try to find someone who is the owner of a family account and ask to add a new line for you. You may use this link for T-Mobile.
  3. After you get your phone number, it is time to open a checking account. IF you are a student aged under 25, it will be at no cost to you. Otherwise, you may have to keep a minimum balance in your checking account to avoid any monthly fees. You won't earn any interest on the deposit in your checking account. You may use this link for Chase. Setup Zelle to send and receive payments.
  4. If you are not buying a new smartphone, make sure to update your Play Store or App Store profile settings and payment and change the country setting to the USA.
  5. Get a state-issued driving or non-driving ID card from the local DMV office.
  6. Buy a heavy jacket and snow boots if you are going to live in a snowy state. Also, plan to get your Flu shots.
  7. While the 4G/LTE/5G connection is good, it is advisable to get a WiFi connection if you live with 3 or more roommates.
  8. Update your LinkedIn profile and be ready for a job hunt.
  9. Install Splitwise app. It will be convenient. You can also use this rent calculator to determine how much rent each person should pay.
  10. Grocery prices vary everywhere, so better to make a list of the costs of groceries in nearby stores for each item.
  11. If you shop for groceries together and a wholesale club like Costco, Sam's Club, or BJ's nearby, you can share a membership.
  12. Join university Facebook groups and follow their Instagram accounts.
  13. Install Grammarly for spell check and proofreading.
  14. Install Lyft for cab and Uber Eats for food delivery. Use this promo code DEVHARSH on Lyft for 5$ off. Use this promo code eats-devharsht27rui on Uber Eats for 20$ out.
  15. Try 6 months free Amazon prime student account.
  16. Install Honey chrome extension for automatic savings while shopping online.
  17. Get Surfshark VPN to unblock geo-restricted websites and streaming media content.

After you get your SSN, do the following as soon as you can:


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