My Final Year Project: Mall Management System


Current systems emphasis on online shopping by a customer from a mall, where as our system will provide a common platform for owner and keeper. This system is totally different from shopping mall management system. Mall Management System emphasis on the communication and interaction between Mall owners and Shopkeepers in the Mall. Mall management system will be very effective for fast, easy and efficient communication between a mall owner and a shopkeeper.

Purpose of making this website is to provide more facilities to mall owners to get efficient business communication with shop keepers. Mall management is a well formulated concept in developed countries which are more matured markets.

Mall management largely encompasses several activities that go into the maintenance of the mall. This covers facilities management functions, operation management, marketing management, accounts management and customer service. It is basically a combination of services that factor in people, place, processes and technology in a particular building. Professional mall management results in the best possible utilization of resources available.

Mall management begins with taking care of issues such as positioning, tenant mix, infrastructure facilities, the kind of environment required and finance management, which is the most crucial part of all. It also takes care of issues like positioning, zoning that include tenant mix and placement within mall, promotions and marketing.

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